How To: Survive Christmas Party Season

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The holidays are a great time of year however they usually come fraught with temptation as party after party shows up in your calendar. Here are our tips for making it through party season.

Get Ready to Mingle

Step away from the food table. Take your plate of hors d’oevres and move away from the table. Talking to others and catching up during cocktail hour or during dinner will keep you from just picking at food out of boredom. It takes your brain 20 minutes to figure out you’re full so engaging in conversation will allow your body time to process what you’ve eaten and you’ll leave feeling more satisfied.

Plan Ahead

I think one of the biggest mistakes people make is that instead of eating a balanced meal before going to a Christmas party, they eat nothing to save calories for later. When you do this you show up hangry and your willpower is undermined (grocery shopping on an empty stomach anyone?). You’re more likely to make bad food choices and over eat because you’re so hungry. I’m sure we’ve all experienced that time when you get home from work or school and cannot possibly shove enough food in your mouth and before you know it you’re over-full and you need to find your stretchy pants.


Think about your day or week as a whole. If you know you have a lot of work or family Christmas parties coming up, how can you balance it all? Can you fit in an extra workout or a walk before the party? Take the stairs at work or a turn around the block at lunch. Try to maintain a healthy balanced diet the rest of the week so you can indulge a little bit at the party.

Set Rules for Yourself

I think it’s becoming more common knowledge that restricting everything on a diet makes you crave the bad food more. Same goes here. It’s definitely okay to indulge and have some tasty treats but decide beforehand how many you are going to have. For example, maybe you are going to let yourself have 2 small treats from the dessert table or 1 larger piece and you’ll limit yourself to 2 alcoholic drinks. Setting these rules and planning ahead can help you make better choices at the party. For example, I have some friends who love to drink socially, I know that when I’m out with them I’m probably going to consume more alcohol than if I was with a different group of friends. Try to pick a drink where you can savour it instead of chugging it or where you could make a switch to a non-alcoholic beverage and no one will no. For example, a glass of wine can last for a long time or a vodka soda with a lime wedge could be switched to just soda water.

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