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tell your storyIf you were to ask me “Who is Lauren Voss?” I would tell you that I am a Certified Exercise Physiologist. I am currently doing my master’s degree at the University of Lethbridge in sedentary behaviour. I like coffee, wine, beer, travel, yoga, photography. I hate running. I love all things lululemon.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to a workshop in Banff for graduate students across Alberta. At this workshop, the facilitators challenged us to talk about who we were not what we did. Inevitably at these events, everyone is labelled into a level of grad studies (Master’s, PhD, Post Doc), what school, what topic, how many years in, etc. This instruction really gave me pause – I wasn’t sure what to tell people if I can’t tell them what I do.

Later in the workshop they had us tell stories about times where we had shown our strengths in our professional or academic career. This was also exceptionally hard! Not because I don’t think I’m a good story teller – I devoured books when I was a kid and love reading or hearing a good story – but because I’m in a world of quantitative science and I’m doing a health coaching certificate where we don’t want to hear the story. They wanted us to dive into the emotions of our story and our learnings without getting too caught up in the details.

It was incredible to see the amount of active listening happening during the dyad and triad activities when we had to tell our stories and talk about who we were and not what we did. We covered a little bit of what we did just to have context within our conversations but most of our meal time conversations revolved around travel, hobbies, funny youtube videos, and other insights we were gaining throughout the weekend.

So, who is Lauren Voss?

I am action oriented, love organizing, making plans and seeing things come to fruition. I am creative and a strategic thinker. I value learning, health and wellness, and integrity and authenticity. I am a sister, friend, daughter, and girlfriend. I am passionate about learning about myself and supporting others in creating change that they want in their lives.

Who are you?

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