Self Care: Exercise Recap

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person-running-near-street-between-tall-trees-878151I’ve been following the strategies in the Ripple Effect for the last two months. Last month I focused on sleep, this month I focused on exercise. Each week I added one strategy in to try to make minor changes to maximize my routine.


The first few strategies didn’t involve particularly major changes. I focused on my fitness, strength, and power by increasing my workouts slightly. I have rented a spin bike from a local studio so I am building my cardio by spinning ~5 days per week. I am doing 2-3 strength workouts a week, and 2 yoga classes a week. The next strategy was to build my mobility. I have been using an app called GoWOD to do ~25 minutes of mobility each day. I have incorporated this into my sleep routine and have been finding that I actually crave it by the end of the day. Some days I’ll do extra if I’m feeling particularly tight.

The next strategy was to move in nature – this was a little challenging because most of the parks, etc. are closed down in my neighbourhood. A 30 minute morning walk is part of my morning routine. I have added a second walk in during mid-afternoon to try and break up my day a little bit more. I’ve been finding it interesting that I would rather spin or do yoga for an afternoon break than go outside and get fresh air. I have added it into my calendar to remind me.

The next strategy was to adopt the mindset of a 24h athlete. This means thinking about my day as a whole and thinking about what I’m doing when I’m NOT exercising. This involves eating well, drinking more water, and regenerating – listening to my body and taking rest days if needed. This has been a bit of a game changer and has actually let me to drinking a lot more water and doing more mobility.

The last strategy is “use or lose it” – I’m not sure how I will sustain this level of exercise once things open back up but I think it has gotten me into a great routine now.

What I Learned

Making time for mobility has been really important. I always *knew* it was important but definitely did not make enough time to stretch regularly in my day. I would do 1-2 yoga classes a week and tend to prefer the slower yoga classes but haven’t been in that routine since mid-March. My hips feel a lot happier and I plan on keeping this up long term.

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