How well does your wheel roll?

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cropped - bike-with-basket-parked-near-tree-2128028If your health was a bike tire, and each spoke represented a part of your life that supported your health, how well would your wheel roll? Is it strong and sturdy? Even and resistant to bumps in the road? Are there some weak bits that could mean your tire is bent out of shape and you are stuck?

Domains of Health

Most of us only think of our physical or mental health but there are six domains of health that contribute to our overall wellness.

  1. Social: building personal relationships with others, dealing with conflict appropriately.
  2. Spiritual: living a life that reflects your values and beliefs (this does not mean being religious, religion may support this for some, but you do not have to be following a religion to improve your spiritual health).
  3. Emotional: Having a positive attitude, high self esteem, and a strong sense of self.
  4. Physical: Taking care of your body for optimal health and functioning.
  5. Intellectual: Be open to new ideas, being creative, thinking critically
  6. Occupational: Seeking to have a career that is interesting, enjoyable, and meaningful

How to complete your wellness wheel

Wellness-wheelColour in each pie slice to represent your health in that domain. Closer to the centre means you have less health in that area, while the edges mean you have maximal health in that area. Once you have coloured in all the slices, does your wheel roll? What areas are you lacking in? What changes can you make to make your wheel roll a little smoother?

This is my wheel – I am mostly lacking in the social domain. I recently moved across the country and haven’t had time to re-establish my social networks in my new city. The COVID-19 pandemic has also made this a little bit harder since I had a lot of plans of joining active groups like cycling and running clubs to make new friends. I have been putting more effort into having virtual happy hours with friends. My spiritual and emotional health domains were also a bit out of whack because I had some relationships that weren’t serving me. I re-established some boundaries to make sure I was living my values and being honest with myself.



You can download your wheel here!

PS. Scroll down and leave me a comment! What would it mean to you to have a smooth rolling wheel? What impact would that have on your life?


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