Self-Care: Nutrition Recap

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food-healthy-wood-table-128402I have been following the strategies from The Ripple Effect for the last three months. Previously I focused on sleep & exercise, in May I focused on my nutrition. Each week I added in a new strategy to try and improve my nutrition habits.


The first strategy of the month was to hydrate. I tried to drink half my body weight in water every day (80fl oz/2.4L), this was really hard at first but I found after the first week I actually started to crave water more commonly. I didn’t hit 2.4L every day but I drank at least 1.5L which was a lot more than I had been drinking before! The next strategy focused on eating mostly plants. My diet is usually hit or miss on the veggies – if I can meal prep a salad for at least one meal of the week I’m usually in better shape. I tried out some delicious new recipes this month that I will be keeping in my regular rotation. I noticed the recipes I tried didn’t have a huge amount of protein, so I will need to focus on increasing the protein content in my plant-based meals.

The next focus was on eating more nutrients and less calories, i.e. focusing on nutrient dense foods, not calorie dense foods. I have been tracking my macros for the last 2 years so I am somewhat limited in reducing my daily caloric intake but I focused on higher volume, nutrient dense foods that week and it was crazy how full it made me! Veggies and fruits are high volume foods that are packed with lots of nutrients and fiber. The next week focused on anti-inflammatory foods which are more or less covered in nutrient dense and plant-based foods so I didn’t make too many changes that week. The last strategy was focused on eating healthy fats, carbs, and proteins. This means foods that are less processed (more preparation time is needed) – they will also tend to be more nutrient dense and have more anti-inflammatory properties.

What I Learned

This past month was pretty stressful with work commitments and other life events. I always sort of knew that I cope with stress by eating more processed junk foods. Because this month focused on nutrition, I really  realized how much I actually do that. I also realized how much I depend on my grocery shopping/meal prepping routine to keep me on track with my diet. When I had a commute with work, etc. it was easy to pop into a grocery store and grab something I forgot, or pick up fresh ingredients but I realized how much COVID-19 is acting as a barrier for that habit.

At the same time, I went out of my way to find new recipes to hit some of the strategies each week (plant based; anti-inflammatory foods) and I loved making new recipes and trying out new things.

What do you do to maximize your nutrition? Scroll down and leave me a comment about some strategies you incorporate!

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