Self Care: Think Clearly

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bright-bulb-close-up-conceptual-269318The World Health Organization has defined mental health as “a state of well-being in which the individual realizes their own abilities, can cope with normal stress of life, work productively, and is able to make contributions to their community”. Anxiety and depression have been on the rise, and self-rated mental health has deteriorated for Canadians since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Statistics Canada reports that Canadians are increasing their use of alcohol, cannabis, and smoking in order to code with the stress, anxiety, and loneliness that are increasing due to the pandemic.

Chronic stress has been linked with increased systemic inflammation (the bad type of inflammation) which can increase your risk of heart disease and cancer. Improving our stress management capabilities can help us reduce our risk of chronic disease!

My Current Routine

I have been actively working on my mental health over the last 7 or 8 years. I regularly go to counselling and exercise regularly. Fun fact – regular exercise can be as effective as medication for anxiety and depression. I do yoga at least once a week and have tried meditation a few times but it’s never really stuck.

I’m notoriously organized and can usually get very focused and accomplish a lot of things in my day. I’ve been working from home since December and have had to change my routine up a bit from when I worked in an office. Since COVID-19, I have been working a lot in my day job while also trying to take some business classes and working on cooking up some new program offerings for beneFIT. This means my days are PACKED. A lot of time I feel overwhelmed with all the things I have to do but I have a hard time really focusing in on what I need to accomplish. Super inefficient.

I have started time blocking my days so I have dedicated times for things, and I have shifted my days earlier (6AM wake up, before COVID-19 I was waking up at 7). As a result, I’m going to bed between 9-9:30PM, instead of 10:30 which has been my routine since I was 18.

New Strategies:

Over the next two months I will be implementing one new strategy a week to try to think more clearly. Each of these strategies are from The Ripple Effect.

  1. Use stress to your advantage
  2. Get in a state of flow
  3. Be mindful
  4. Cultivate more energy, less tension
  5. Focus relentlessly
  6. Use power words and self-talk
  7. Meditate

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