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Connor Butler

As Chairperson of the Residence Athletic Association at the University of Calgary, I have had the pleasure of working with Lauren Voss and can honestly say that she has made a very significant positive impact to the students through RezFit. Lauren brings an energetic, humours, and motivational attitude to every RezFit class, transforming the space into a fun, accepting, stigma-free exercise facility where everyone wants to push themselves to do better.

After almost an entire year I wouldn't think it was possible to come up with new, fun ways to exercise but Lauren constantly impresses me by having different exercises, games, activities, and the likes every class! And not only are the exercises and activities innovative, they are always challenging, with multiple variations of each to allow the students to choose their level of difficulty. In all, Lauren's vast knowledge of exercise physiology and psychology, combined with her energetic, understanding, and "can-do" attitude, make for an exceptional fitness class every time.

Gregg Chamberland

I’ve been training with Lauren and Kelsey for 2 years now, and in that time they have completely changed my life. When I first started I hadn’t done any real exercise in over 20 years, and my eating habits were horrendous. I was the heaviest I had ever been, my blood pressure was steadily on the rise, even with medication, and my skyrocketing cholesterol was at the point where my doctor was about to medicate me for it as well. I also snored so badly my wife wanted me to go to a sleep apnea clinic. On top of all that my stress levels were through the roof, In retrospect I now realize how terrible I felt all the time, and the trouble I was headed for!

Fast forward 2 years, I’m now working out with Lauren and Kelsey 4 times a week, and have been trying new activities to fill in the other days of the week because I can’t stand being inactive. I no longer look for excuses to not exercise, in fact I now look for any chance to workout and be active. My weight is down significantly, steadily getting closer to my goal weight, my blood pressure is under control and my cholesterol is down almost half of what it was, I’ve even stopped snoring. But my improvements aren’t just from the exercise, the health sessions have also been a huge help, my eating habits and nutrition are light years ahead of what they used to be, and I’ve  learned how to deal with stress much more effectively.

I’ve worked extremely hard to make these improvements in my life, but there is no way I could have done any of it without the amazing support, dedication, and even harder work, of both Lauren and Kelsey. They have helped me work through numerous old injuries, and they even got me back on track after a brief, yet spectacular, relapse in eating habits this past winter that I’m sure almost drove them crazy.

Lauren and Kelsey are rock stars, and they each bring their own unique style to helping you get healthy. I will truly never be able to  thank them for everything they have done for me!!

Leslie Lewis

Joining the BeneFIT program offered by Lauren and Kelsey was the best thing I did this summer! Lauren and Kelsey are passionate about exercise and wellness and demonstrate a strong desire to motivate and help others learn, adopt new habits and make positive changes. They are excellent role models of active living and lifelong learning.

My involvement in summer BeneFIT began and finished with fitness testing - an aspect of their program that makes it very relevant and meaningful. The twice weekly small group exercise sessions were fun and extremely well planned, and I appreciated that the exercises were chosen to meet the needs and goals of group members with modifications and variations of each exercise presented throughout. There is a strong emphasis on proper form, and Lauren and Kelsey are very conscientious about watching and monitoring group participants so as to ensure workouts are safe and effective for all. The weekly health coaching sessions with Lauren were also excellent. Lauren has great communication skills, is an active listener, and is very knowledgeable. I learned a great deal in the health coaching and found that the homework, handouts and resources provided furthered my learning and helped keep me focused on my goals.

The experience of being involved in the BeneFIT program was very rewarding; it increased my confidence with exercising, and has helped me to achieve better health, fitness and wellness. I highly recommend working with Lauren and Kelsey.

Tim Yee

I am very happy with the training I received from beneFIT. The coaches and trainers are friendly and supportive. The coaching classes are challenging but rewarding. The coaching classes introduced me to the importance of other factors like goal setting, nutrition when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. I am looking forward to taking more programs with Benefit Lifestyles in the future.